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Why You Need Clear Sound At Reception – Sound Quality Matter

Good sound is the essence of video. Bad audio can ruin any video
Good sound is the essence of video. Bad audio can ruin any video

Romance Photography has filmed many wonderful ceremonies and receptions over the years. There is nothing worse than an improperly set up audio sound system. It makes your music sound bad and worse, difficult for you to be heard at those precious moments when you are saying what you really feel to that special someone. You hear no sound but static or echoing around the room. In addition, when it comes to your wedding video, poor sound makes your video sound like an amateur student film. We can tell you about all aspects of being a good speaker like projection, posture and saying your words with confidence and sound. But if the technical side of audio recording fails, then all of that means nothing. So here is how we set up sound audio for weddings starting home, ceremony and reception:


Why The Sound Quality Matters At Reception In 2024?

  • Home is where the wedding day usually starts. It is not logical to put the wireless microphone on each person since there will be many people in the house and you want to record audio as candidly as possible. However, the most important people in the house are the bride, groom and their parents. Therefore it is recommended to shoot closer to them when filming so the sound audio comes out clearly. We have best shotgun microphones in the industry to capture directional audio required for candid comments.
  • During the ceremony, the groom is wired with a wireless lavalier (or lapel) microphone. It is not logical to put a sound microphone on bride because of the dress, plus the white color makes the black microphone stand out more. There are no wires that come down out of the groom to connect to the camera. This is just to eliminate room tone and background audio. The priest and podium are wired separately from us. They are in charge of their own sound audio. Having the mic on the groom remains the best choice.
  • At the wedding reception, we ask for a direct sound feed from your DJ. This means that we hear all of his announcements and music crystal clear as he/she would listen to them. We also have an alternate sound audio channel for crowd and background noise so we can capture cheering and celebration. We like to mix the two of these to make your reception sound incredible like Hollywood film editing.
  • In case the reception does not have an official DJ and they using house (hall) microphone, we wire the podium with a mic so that we can hear speakers very clearly over all the talking and sound noise you will inevitably hear at the reception. Again, this mic has a second channel for crowd reactions.

Should our microphone have technical difficulties, the camera itself also has a mic that picks up everything. This is background sound, ambient sound and your talking. It will not sound as great, but it will be recorded.

What matters here is that you sound romantic and we look professional. That is just a quick peek behind the curtain into what we do to make your day amazing. You can check more about us on our website.

Khurram Qureshi As the director of photography and president of Romance Photography, Khurram has developed “the eye” and gained experience by doing photography and video for thousands of wedding couples. Khurram also helps organize weddings with good wedding planners in Toronto and Durham region. You can reach Khurram at info [@]