Aerial Wedding Video in Toronto

Drone Videography Services in Toronto

Romance photography offers the best aerial and drone videography services for wedding shoots, aerial filming & wedding videos. Choose us for professional aerial filming services and the best drone for wedding videography services.

Video is the key element for today’s wedded couples. Share your memories with an amazing video that everyone adores. Aerial video is a leading trend in today’s image capturing. Our aerial pilot records breathtaking images that can’t be acquired in any other way. 

Since this is your video, we strongly believe that you should be involved in how your dream is pictured on the big screen. So before the video shoot, we meet you to understand what you have in mind and be understood. We will help you familiarize and know how we can direct you on your big day. Work with us to select locations, poses, lighting and finalize a plan. All these elements are essential to making your wedding and engagement videography look incredible.

At Romance Photography, you get to choose the type of production that you want. One camera, two cameras, and three camera productions are available. We also have a detailed breakdown of drone video in our aerial video section. Whether big or small, detailed or broad, whatever scale you want your wedding to take on, we will be there, ready to shoot. To learn more about aerial photography and drone videos, watch our aerial wedding videos to experience a new genre of video making in Toronto, Ajax, Ontario, and Mississauga made accessible to you by Romance Photography.

aerial wedding video
Taking Aerial wedding video requires planning, precision, and patience

Drone Videography

Drone videography is one of the fastest growing trends in the wedding industry. These sweeping, panoramic shots make your wedding feel like a modern epic. It has a heavenly feel to it as you enjoy the perspective of an angel descending from the sky to witness your wedding. So what gives aerial wedding videos an edge over others is their angelic perspective that is beyond the vision of a human eye. But this is no easy task. Aerial filming requires professional judgment, angular precision, and experienced direction by senior photographers and video makers. We will provide you with this exceptional service. At Romance Photography, we use drones and quadcopters for filming at 20 feet or higher. Our remote camera pilots are insured operators who film professionally and safely. However, drone cameras can only be used in open spaces like parks, mansions, private estates, lakes, and streets. That’s where they give optimum results. Drones and quadcopters may not be used indoors for security and safety reasons. Our drone wedding videos are the best.

Aerial wedding video filmed in Rotary Park Ajax.

So if you are planning a destination wedding like a beach or a scenic hill station, an outdoor wedding or a traditional wedding in a church with a high ceiling and beautiful architecture, the aerial wedding video is the best option. While filming, we keep our couple in focus as we dive through the wedding with drone cameras and picture the view in its entirety.

We advise you not to experiment with your own drone camera at your wedding. Don’t try to make your own drone wedding video. We know that a variety of drone cameras are available in the market but this is a big risk. There is more chance that you’ll end up with a messy amateur drone wedding video. Your wedding day is really special and worth a lot more. We have your best interest at heart as we say this.

Romance Photography has been very lucky to make aerial videos for our beautiful clients at numerous locations in Toronto, Mississauga, Ajax, Pickering, Vaughan and Whitby. Have a look at some clips from our amazing portfolio of aerial wedding videos. You are welcome to call us or visit our office for further details.