Same Day Edit and Next Day Edit Service

Same Day Edit (SDE) and Next Day Edit (NDE) are the unique features of a modern wedding in Canada. The advancement in camera tools and computer technology has made it possible to edit full HD footage on the wedding location. A fully edited wedding video is then presented before the couple and their guests at the dinner time of the Reception. The process of Same day edit and Next day edit involves a well-coordinated effort between the director and the video editor. The Director of photography directs the time to begin the video editing process after he captures all the raw footage. Following his instructions, the video editor picks up the footage and start loading it on the computer. We usually send our video editor straight to the hall right after the ceremony so he can start work on the video immediately. Romance Photography devices and software are all set up and functional at our temporary editing facility at the hall. It normally takes 4-5 hours to produce SDE and present it on DVD or USB on playback in the hall.

Same Day Edit Experience

The Same day edit experience is completely thrilling and enjoyable for everyone. It is more like fast forwarding through time to the moment when the couple plays their wedding video for their friends and family at some family dinner or reunion, ages after the wedding. Not only does the SDE video walks through the festivities of the day and the wonderful time spent together, but it also makes the audience really happy and emotionally charged, making it the perfect end to the wedding day.

Sometimes couples request us to add footage from the outdoor photo shoot too. This is doable but puts a lot of pressure on the editor as he has to add and manage more shots in the Same day edit video. Depending on the time available for SDE, we adjust a few shots from the outdoor shoot, like from love walks in the park, but usually, it is not recommended.

NDE (Next Day Edit) example with previously recorded engagement video

In the NDE (next day edit), the stakes are not that high. As a video editor, we prefer to release the video as soon as possible on the next day after the wedding. For Indian & Pakistani weddings, Next day edit is very popular because their wedding festivities spread over three days rather than just one day. Therefore we make two NDEs for such weddings so that day one video is shown on day two and day two video is shown on day three.