Durham Wedding Photography Services


Being able to take a good a photo in any situation and lighting is key to wedding day magic

Your wedding is the most beautiful event in your lifetime. To be able to cherish your wedding video and photos containing one of the most beautiful Toronto weddings, you need wedding photography services such as vivid, touching and romantic videos and images that you may be able to relive that memory. To provide such heartfelt and treasured wedding videos of your splendid Ontario wedding, Romance Photography is here for you to provide Durham wedding photography services. When looking back on your memories later in life, you’ll realize it is essential to have your wedding photography and video done by professionals. Hiring someone for your wedding day should not only provide a great experience but also reward you when you see the final product. Choosing the right company can be difficult since you only get one chance and cannot afford to make a wrong choice. At such a deciding moment, Romance Photography comes to cover the celebrations of your perfect moments and make sure you get the right video maker and photographer.

Romance Photography provides you great value both in quality and affordability. We believe people should enjoy their wedding without worrying about finances. We perform professional and creative work that satisfies the new couple and their entire family. Our same day editing service is highly rated by our clients. Whether you plan a wedding party in Toronto, Ajax, Pickering, Vaughan, Whitby or Mississauga, Romance Photography is available at your service.

Our portfolio comprises of Canadian, Pakistani, Indian, Persian, Greek, Portuguese and Italian weddings. We are deeply aware of your culture and rituals. Moreover, we take utmost care of your values and priorities to capture moments of your dream wedding.


The all-important group shot of the bridal party


Modern photography and video require teamwork and synchronization with couples, family members and friends. Romance Photography does that perfectly well. Our team always dresses appropriately for the occasion and arrives on time. Our photographers and videographers work together to create beautiful shots of the preparation, the ceremony, “park setting” or outdoor shoot, and the reception. Our team provides the best wedding photography services.


Correct framing with balanced lighting are important for outdoor photography

 Final results:

Unlike other companies who rush to get a contract signed, we try to educate you through an honest personal consultation on what will work best for you. Our one-hour complimentary session not only shows you the quality of our work but also the professional setup and customer service. It guides you on how to choose the right wedding photography services and video company for your wedding. We want to create long lasting relationships with our clients by giving them the best quality work with exceptional video and wedding photography services.

What You Shouldn’t Do:

Yes, we know your cousin or friend got a new DSLR camera and you are all excited about it for asking them to cover your wedding. But they may have no experience filming weddings. There are many more things involved in a wedding than just the latest camera. Our gear is proven and updated over time with lenses that are set up to capture perfect images in any lighting. You simply cannot compare the professional product with amateur filming. The results will be night and day. Moreover, your family and friends need to experience this great day with you. They should be part of the group photo than taping behind the camera.


We know how to have fun while giving direction to bridal party for great photos