How many songs do I need for my wedding video?

Usually 6-9 songs, depending on your wedding. We will guide you in the song selection process.

Can you do the filming with my taste?

You choose how do you want to look on camera and leave the rest on us. We create those shots for you to make you happy.

Can I choose my style of photography?

Yes you may, we love to see what you like and help you get those pictures on camera. We do offer traditional, candid, funny, contemporary and modern style.

Do we offer engagement photo session?

Yes we do engagement photography & video. We also make a slideshow for your childhood or dating photos if requested.

Do you have single or more cameras?

We have 1 camera and 2 cameras setup in our packages. Aerial video is separate and you can hire for two or three hours depending on your need

Do we film in HD?

Usually in Full HD, but 4k is available as an option to upgrade.

Can my deposit be refunded on cancellation of wedding?

We do need a written statement for cancellation of the wedding with the reason. If the event is cancelled, we do no refund the initial deposit.

Do we cover all activities?

We cover everything from start to finish. No matter what client says to cover certain segments only, it is our job to film whole event and decide what to keep or what not during video editing process.

How do we know if you booked on my wedding date?

We tell you in advance at the time of the booking if we are available on your desired dates.

Do you edit with my demand?

Yes, we capture everything and produce it with emotions and style. We can film and edit the way you want it.

Do you have packages or combos?

We don’t have fixed packages. Each package is custom design with each couple’s priority, demand and expectations.

How experience are you in wedding business?

More than 15 years.

Do you watermark photos and charge for release or prints?

NO, we don’t believe in watermarking. You paid for it and it is yours to keep.

Where have you filmed weddings in the past?

All major venues in Southern Ontario. Even at the big hotels and golf courses, we know all the rules and regulations.

Will you book my wedding on priority?

Dates get booked on a first come, first serve basis. The sooner you book the better.

When do I receive my photos? Especially edited?

Depending on the package you will get the RAW JPEG within a week after the wedding. Edited photos take time to process but they deliver fast as well.

How the payment structure works?

We keep things simple at Romance Photography. Fifty percent is needed at signing of the contract and fifty percent at the wedding day.

Should I choose my songs or you will?

If you finalize the songs prior to the wedding, your video will be put into the queue sooner. Our delivery time for wedding video is the best in the industry. We prefer client choose their own songs.