Engagement Photography and Video Services in Toronto Canada

Engagement Photography and Video Services

Romance Engagement photography captures memorable & fun engagement photos.

Engagement photography captures the beautiful period before the wedding. The engagement photoshoot covers proposal photography, couples’ photos, and fun photos from the party. We provide photography services that celebrate your party and the memorable moments before the big day. Moreover, at Romance Photography, we aspire to capture every step of your love journey for you. Besides, Toronto engagements just do not end with a ring ceremony, rather it is just the beginning of the wedding festivities.

Selecting the perfect location and having great weather are important for outdoor filming


Originally, we do post videos and photoshoots. From love walks to family photos to partying with friends, our camera seizes these happy moments and stores them for you, forever. Later we present it in the form of a nicely edited video and photo collection. We provide perfect photo services.

With the passage of time, the trend of making and posting surprise proposal videos on social media has created new demands. Some of our clients insist that we video their proposals and film their partner’s reaction. They want us to capture the genuine surprise and the blooming romance. We value your trust and expectations. Moreover, Romance Photography welcomes your request and gifts you with an unforgettable video that you may share and play over and over again.

Photos Ideas

We also advise you on the best ideas and locations for the photography and video of your engagement celebration. Our complimentary consultation will educate you to select the best locations in Toronto, Mississauga, Ajax, Pickering Vaughan, and Whitby, depending on your preferences based on your relationship theme and setting. Loaded with immense experience of photo services in the Ontario region, we may guide you to the most romantic destinations, the best weather and time of the day to film at the precise location of your choice, and the local attractions nearby. Whether you choose an indoor location like a banquet hall, a botanical garden, a museum, or an art gallery, or you opt for outdoor shooting, we will be there with our gear to film an amazing video and photos

Photography Planning

Do you want to walk around town? Or just walk around the block? We work very closely with our couples to pick the right location for their photography & video. Depending on your taste, we can travel to open locations with lots of greenery, by a lake, historical landmarks or indoor art galleries. Some couples like to film in downtown Toronto. We know of many locations in downtown Toronto, especially near Dundas Square and Billy Bishop Airport. Our photo services satisfy couples.

Downtown Toronto Love Walk in Subway, Street Car & Dundas Square

Your choice is important to us

Choosing the filming location and timing is very important. We prefer our couples to choose where they want their engagement to be filmed. We want couples to enjoy their time while we capture the activity. The essence is that you spend your day freely with each other like lovebirds and don’t concern yourself with the camera. In addition, we will direct as little as possible, but as much as necessary to create the perfect photoshoot.

Filmed at Scarborough Guild park & Unionville

Conclusive FAQs

What is the importance of engagement before marriage?

Engagement before marriage plays a significant role, marking a formal commitment between partners and signifying a transition into a new stage of the relationship. This period allows couples to spend more time getting to know each other, discussing important aspects of their future life together such as financial planning, career aspirations, and family planning.

It also provides ample time to organize and plan the wedding, reducing potential stress. Therefore, an engagement period serves as an important preparatory phase before marriage, strengthening the bond between partners and laying a solid foundation for their upcoming marital life.

What does being engaged mean legally?

Being engaged typically involves a mutual agreement or promise to marry. However, from a legal standpoint, the status of being engaged doesn’t carry many significant legal implications in most jurisdictions, including the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. It does not grant the same rights and responsibilities that marriage does.

However, the engagement period does have some legal implications. For example, the giving and accepting of an engagement ring could potentially be legally binding, depending on local laws. In some jurisdictions, if the wedding is called off, the person who breaks the engagement might be required to return the ring.

Furthermore, any contracts entered into in anticipation of the marriage, such as booking a wedding venue or hiring a caterer, could have legal consequences if the wedding is called off.

What are the rules of engagement relationship?

While there are no hard and fast rules for an engagement, the period is typically marked by open communication, mutual respect, and preparation for marriage. Couples are encouraged to discuss future goals, financial planning, family planning, and any potential challenges they may foresee.

It’s also a time to establish a mutual understanding of roles and responsibilities within the relationship. In essence, the engagement period should be a time of partnership and cooperation, setting a strong foundation for the upcoming marriage.

The ecstatic response received from our ultra-satisfied customers inspires us to provide you with the best photography and video team for your special day. Romance Photography takes pride in the uncompromising dedication, dynamic creativity, and personalized attention given to every couple who puts their trust in us. Give us a call at 4169005825