Wedding Video Gallery

Romance Wedding Video Gallery

Enjoy our collection of wedding videos in Romance wedding video gallery. You will get great ideas for your wedding day. See unique ways to capture your intimate love moments with aerial filming, love walks, bridal video and groom video. You can enjoy different styles of weddings like Italian, Greek wedding videos and Canadian style modern weddings.

Love Walk

A walk around town or by the lake side, wherever you go hands in hands, you create a world of fantasy and magic around you. See it for yourself.

Morning Off

Memories of the big day begin at the break of dawn on the most awaited morning of your life. When you would dress up & get ready for your soulmate on your wedding.

Wedding Party

The air filled with cheers and laughter with the best of friends and family around, you just can’t miss to create memories of your wedding party.

Three Day Wedding Video

Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area are home to diverse communities with rich cultures where wedding festivities spread over up to three days.

Aerial Filming Wedding Video in Park

Aerial filming of couples with drone cameras over a vast lush green area is a top favourite of our clients. Any location can be beautiful with drone camera.

Bride & Groom Park

Our camera crew films you and your love as you spend a beautiful time together in a park. Good weather plays an important role in weddings formals.

Bride & Groom

Celebrations for the bride-to-be begin as her group of girls gift her with presents and well wishes in a bridal shower. Besides, girls want to have fun time too.

Wedding Video

See how couples look great together at their wedding reception. Sometime simplicity makes things beautiful if direction were given properly.