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Have a Specific Diet? Don’t Let Your Guests Suffer With You

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You never know what you will be served in wedding as dinner

Have a specific diet? Don’t let your guests suffer with you. If you are on a specific dietary restriction, you don’t have to restrict everyone who is at your party. Not too long ago, one of the cameramen I was on a shoot with was outraged at the selection of food at the wedding he was filming. The couple was vegan. Naturally, the food wasn’t exactly up to par with what he was expecting and it was quite shocking to him. If you are on a specific diet plan or have a dietary restriction, you don’t have to restrict everyone who is at your party who potentially come from other cultures, religions and health backgrounds that may have issues with certain foods just like you. Here are a few ways to find a friendly compromise:

  1. If you have a specific diet (vegan, allergies, etc.) then tell the staff at your reception to have a specific menu just for you. After all, you are the couple of the day. If you tell the chefs and staff in advance of your needs, it should not be difficult for them to accommodate you.
  2. Keeps your food separate. The meals usually come out separately, but the antipasto and buffet tables can have cross contamination whether it’s seafood with meat or meat with veggies. Reception halls are usually smart enough to the keep food separate, but if you are nervous you can talk to the hall about the layout and timing of the food.
  3. Give people options on the invitation. This is common for any dinner parties and other occasions. There is no reason it can’t be for your wedding too. Offer a choice between three dishes like regular, vegetarian or vegan. Chicken, fish or veggies. There are plenty of options you can give your guests because if they choose their dish, then you won’t be on the hook if they dislike their meal.
  4. Alcohol – People forget that a lot of alcohol has WHEAT in it which is something vegans and celiacs cannot have. There will be plenty of options for those who cannot drink, but make sure you have some choice for the people that DO want to drink. Alcoholic ciders are an easy option.

It is going to be impossible to please everyone. However, if you take some time during the planning stage to think about what food you need, everyone will be having a great time on a full stomach.

Khurram Qureshi

As the director of photography and president of Romance Photography, Khurram has developed “the eye” and gained experience by doing photography and video for thousands of wedding couples. Khurram also helps organize weddings with good wedding planners in Toronto and Durham region. You can reach Khurram at info [@]